About David Poorvin     

After 30 years of working in the pharmaceutical industry, I retired in 2004 and began a slightly less hectic career as a biotech/pharmaceutical consultant. In this new phase of my professional life, I work with the biotech venture capital industry, with start-up companies and also joined the board of directors of several biotech companies. This new exposure with very early stage companies eventually led me to co-found a start-up biotech company, Avaxia Biologics (www.avaxiabiologics.com), which now involves most of my professional time. These various biotech/pharma activities have happily kept my grey cells in good health and have given me many rewarding encounters with creative entrepreneurs.

While the professional side of my life is very stimulating, I find that working with wood gives me hours of enjoyment that are hard to match. Most addictive is woodturning. I can work at the lathe for hours and not tire. Lately, I have dabbled in amateur astronomy with a backyard telescope. The hours spent at the telescope provides me with a deeper appreciation of the diversity and enormity of the cosmos and enhance the awe I have for nature.

For those interested, the links on this page will take you to a sampling of how I spend some of my time.


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